On a beautiful peninsula where three grand lakes meet, in the very heart of the Pisz Forest, there is our cosy facility, hidden in plain sight, offering you high quality hotel services – both for individual Guests and groups.

On the premises of our complex, there is a restaurant serving a rich choice of regional, old Polish and international dishes. In the summer season, you should definitely pay a visit to our grill bar by the lake. For your comfort, there’s a grocer’s shop nearby. Do check the Polish Primitive Horse Reserve, admire the Śniardwy Lake. Come to Mikołajki, enjoy our fully equipped yacht harbour by the Bełdany Lake, our discreet service and formidable cooking which makes our Guests come back for more again and again. We, at the Wierzba Complex, are your favourite spot in Masuria.

We organise wedding receptions, conferences, special events, team-building events, First Holy communion receptions, christening parties, sailing schools, school trips, theme workshops and many other.

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