When my friends heard the word „prom in Wierzba”, they had quite mixed feelings about it. Our teachers, however, were pretty much intrigued since it was not their first prom held there. Finally,                      I managed to convince my grade to accept the idea and we went to see the hall. It was large and beautiful! We took it. The staff was extremely nice. And not only during the ball itself but also all throughout the preparation process.

The beautiful, elegant tables were full of various delicacies. The DJ was awesome, but he’s not the only one to whom we owe the success of our event. All the staff did their utmost to help us. The ambience was warm and comfy. Even the teachers were content

On behalf of all my friends, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to you! Wierzba is  a fairytale and I do recommend it to everyone who’s never been to this place yet. Julia from the Agnieszka Osiecka Local Government School Complex in Ruciane-Nida

Thank you, Julia, for your kind words. We are most happy to know our efforts have been appreciated. Your friends had so much fun and we could host such Guests every day, not only 100 days before the final exams. If a prom, then only in Wierzba! Quite right!