Sailors crossing the Trail of Great Masurian Lakes know and cherish our comfortable port very well. For a more reputable harbour is really hard to find. It’s located near Mikołajki, right by the ferry crossing.

On the premises of our port, there is a harbour with up to 100 permanent berths and up to 25 berths for guests,destined also for mooring ships of the Masurian Navigation. The harbour premises are guarded and well-lit. What is more, the port offers also the possibility of camping and setting up a caravan. In the summer, there is a water equipment rental, grill-bar and grocery-store. As our Guests, you can count on the professional help of our well-qualified staff.

Price list of harbour and other services 2019


Berth for up to 3 h 15 PLN
Berth up to 24 h 55 PLN
Weekly berth 300 PLN
Monthly berth 800 PLN
Permanent berth*3 500 PLN
Permanent berth* (longside)4 000 PLN
Year-round dry berth **1 200 PLN
Monthly dry berth 120 PLN
Permanent winter berth700 PLN

*The harbour fee includes using the WC, scullery, water refill and solid waste disposal, slip (2x).

*The fee includes also: fixed facilities for emptying chemical toilets, electrical connection (from 1 May to 30 September), parking space for 1 car and / or boat trailer, mooring in Popielno (first 24 hours free of charge). The length of the season is determined by the owner / ship holder, yet before 1 May and after 30 September, the electricity connection fee according to the price list applies.

** The fee applies only to a place for a boat on land for 12 months. Sliding, mooring and other services payable according to the price list. The length of time the boat stays on the water is not deducted.


Slipping of sailing and motor boats (Wierzba)from 60 PLN
Slipping of scooters (Wierzba) 30 PLN
Slipping of fishing boats (Wierzba)30 PLN
Electrical connection10 PLN
Shower7 PLN
Fixed facilities for emptying chemical toilets 5 PLN
Washing sides and bottom with pressure washer from 100 PLN
Lowering the mast and covering the boat with a tarpaulin from 150 PLN
Cleaning the yachtfrom 100 PLN
Minor boatbuilding repair – the price agreed upon individually with the bosun … PLN
Storing the equipment in the hangar / monthod 10 PLN
Dog fee20 PLN/dog.
Car park (24h)
Passenger car15 PLN
Recreational vehicle60 PLN
Caravan on the Campsite (max. for 1 month)*** 100 PLN/ hotel day
Motorcycle5 PLN
Campfire and wood100 PLN
Additional portion of wood50 PLN
Small tent (max. 3 people)20 PLN
Large tent40 PLN

*** – refers to caravans on the Campsite

NOTE: From 2019 onwards, it is mandatory to leave a receipt which confirms having paid for the place so that is visible from the quay (stay, backstay, relling); in case of caravans and tents – leave such a confirmation at the entrance to the tent or caravan, and in case of cars / recreational vehicles – behind the pane.

Price list of the Campsite in Wierzba

Price list of the Campsite in Wierzba