Annex to the Director’s Order No. 04.10.2018 of 30.10.2018.

Hotel Regulations

  1. The Regulations are in force at the House of the Creative Work of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Dom Pracy Twórczej PAN w Wierzbie, hereinafter referred to as the Hotel) and constitute an integral part of the contract concluded by signing the registration card as well as making the booking, advance payment or paying for the whole stay at the Hotel. By the aforementioned actions, the Guest confirms having made themselves acquainted with the regulations, accepting them entirely as well as commits to observe their provisions.
  2. The Regulations apply to all the Guests and other people staying on the Hotel premises.
  3. In order to confirm your booking, please make an advance payment by transfer sent to the following bank account: PL 96 1130 1017 0020 1462 9420 0029 on the agreed date.
  4. Giving up on the stay under 14 days before your stay was scheduled to commence results in forfeiture of the advance payment made to the Hotel.
  5. The fee for the stay is charged in advance, on the day of the check-in, with the advance payment made earlier deducted thereof.
  6. Rooms at the Hotel are rented for the so-called hotel days.
  7. The hotel day lasts from 4:00 pm to 12:00 pm on the next day.
    8 Breakfast is served every day from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.
  8. If the Guest has not checked out by 12:00 pm or left his personal belonging in the room, it is understood as extending their stay.
  9. If the Guest did not specify the length of their stay when renting the room, it is assumed the room had been rented for one hotel day.
  10. If the Guest wishes to extend their stay, they should report it to the reception by 11:00 am on their original departure day. However, the Hotel is not obliged to grant the wish, which depends on the current occupancy at the facility.
  11. At the check-in, the Guest is obliged to present the Reception staff with a document with a photo confirming their identity. Should they refuse to show their document in a manner which allows checking the Guest in question in, the Reception may refuse giving them the room key.
  12. In the registration card, the Guest personally fills in the fields with forename and surname as well as signs the card, confirming thereby that they have made themselves acquainted with the hotel regulations and accept all of their provisions.
  13. Outside visitors may stay in the hotel rooms from 7:00 am to 10 :00 pm.
  14. If an outside visitor stays in the hotel room after 10:00 pm, the Guest renting this room consents hereby to have these persons accommodated in their room for an extra charge, amounting to the price of an extra bed for an adult person.
  15. The Hotel Guest may not hand their room over to third parties, even if the time period for which they paid the amount due has not expired yet.
  16. All throughout their stay at the Hotel, children under 12 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by adults. Legal guardians are liable for all the damage caused by the children as well as for the behaviour of the latter in general.
  17. Dogs may stay on the hotel premises, provided that their owners have the dog’s health book with a valid rabies vaccination certificate and the dog’s own bedding with them.
  18. Dogs staying on the hotel premises sleep on the floor, in their own or rented beds. They may not use any other devices which belong to the room equipment.
  19. Dogs staying on the premises of the hotel parts destined for the common use should be on a leash.
  20. The Guests who want to come to the Hotel with their pets are required to report this fact to the reception when making the booking.
  21. The Guests bear full liability for their pets. What is more, the Reception may ask them to show a valid rabies vaccination certificate of their pets and the lack thereof may result in removing the dog from the hotel premises.
  22. The Guests are obliged to clean after their pets both in the Hotel and on its entire premises.
  23. The Guests are liable for all the damage caused by their pets.
  24. If the pets are noisy or aggressive, the Hotel reserves the right to require their owners to leave the Hotel.
  25. At the hotel, aggressive animals are forbidden, which refers both to aggressive dogs, reptiles, amphibians, etc.
  26. IT IS STRICTLY PROBHIBITED to bring animals to the restaurant and children’s playroom as well as universally available toilets.
  27. The Hotel is obliged to provide the following:
    1) conditions for a full and unrestricted stay of the Guest,
    2) security of the stay, including the confidentiality of information about the Guest,
    3) professional and polite service,
    4) cleaning the room and making all the necessary repairs of the equipment in the absence of the Guest, and if they are present, only then when they express such a wish and consent thereto, after having placed a proper hanger on the door handle from the outside.
    5) as far as possible, if removing the defects in the original room is impossible, the Hotel shall offer the Guest another room or make amends for the inconvenience in any other way.
  28. According to the Act of 9 November 1995 (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 298, as amended) on the protection of public health against the effects of tobacco use, on the entire premises of the Hotel – including the hotel rooms and balconies – there is a total ban on smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products as well as using substances being hazardous to health.
  29. By breaking the ban on smoking cigarettes and tobacco products, you hereby consent to cover the costs of room dearomatisation amounting to 1200 PLN as well as to pay the administrative penalty for breaking the fire protection regulations.
  30. During the silence hours, i.e. from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am, all the people using the hotel services are obliged to behave in such a way that it does not disturb the peace of stay for other Guests.
  31. For fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to use heaters, irons and other electric devices which do not belong to the room equipment in the hotel other rooms. However, it does not apply to chargers and power supplies of RTV and computer devices.
  32. The Guests bear full material and legal liability for the damage to the equipment and devices owned by the Hotel caused by them or by persons visiting them.
  33. If the Guest violates the provisions of these Regulations, the Hotel may refuse to provide further services for them. Such a Guest is obliged to comply immediately with the Hotel’s demands, pay for all the services provided so far as well as possible damage caused and then to leave the hotel premises.
  34. The Hotel may refuse to accept a Guest who during their previous stay grossly infringed the Hotel Regulations.
  35. The Hotel provides services according to its standard. In case of any reservations regarding to the quality of the services provided, the Guest is asked to report them to the Reception without delay so that the problem can be solved immediately.
  36. Each time upon leaving the room, the Guest is obliged to check and make sure the windows have been closed and the door properly locked.
  37. The liability of the Hotel for the loss of or damage to the personal belongings brought by the Guest into the Hotel are regulated by the Articles 846-849 of the Civil Code. This liability is restricted if these items are not deposited at the Reception. The Hotel may refuse to accept storing money, securities and valuables, especially valuables and items of scientific or artistic value, if they are dangerous or of an excessive value in relation to the size or standard of the Hotel or if they take too much space.
  38. The Guest should notify the Reception about a damage immediately after having noticed it.
  39. The Hotel may refuse to store the Guest’s luggage on dates other than the date of the Guest’s stay.
  40. The Hotel is not liable for the damage to or loss of a car or any other vehicle owned by the Guest.
  41. Personal belongings left behind by a leaving Guest shall be sent back to the address indicted by the Guest at their expense. If the Hotel did not receive such instructions, it will store these items for 3 months and then donate them to charity or for public use.
  42. The Hotel has the right to charge the local visitor’s tax is such an obligation has been imposed thereon by the Mayor of Ruciane-Nida.
  43. The Guest agrees to the processing and gathering of their personal data to the extent necessary to realise their stay at the Hotel, including the registration at the Hotel, pursuant to the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 as amended and the applicable provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR). The Guest may access and rectify their personal data.

The regulations are available at the Reception and on the website: