Annex to the Ordinance No. 04.10.2018 issued by the General Manager of the PAN DPT in Wierzba dated 30.10.2018.

Regulations of the Campsite DPT Wierzba in Wierzba (Popielno).

  1. These Regulations are binding in 2019 for the Campsite and Tent Campsite of the House of the Creative Work (DPT) and constitute an integral part of the contract concluded by making a booking, paying for the camping services or signing the contract referred to in point 3. By the aforementioned actions, the Client confirms having made themselves acquainted with the Regulations and undertakes to comply with them.
  2. The Customer staying on the premises of the Campsite is obliged to pay the total amount due in advance, according to the price list, together with the visitor’s tax. Payments are charged at the reception of the DPT or at the harbour administration office subject to paragraph 3 of these regulations.
  3. Renting berths for the summer season (May – September) or for the summer season with wintering (January – December) takes place ONLY by concluding a separate contract and making all the payment required via bank transfer to the indicated bank account.
  4. The parking spaces for recreational vehicles, caravans or the camping pitches are always determined by the bosun, the same as the location of the electricity connection which the Client may use. All the activities related to setting up a recreational vehicle, caravan or pitching a tent with a porch are the responsibility of the Client and do not give any rights for regression towards the Polish Academy of Sciences.
  5. Having paid for the stay with a caravan, recreational vehicle or a tent gives the Client the right to drive one car into the DPT car park. When commencing the stay, the Client reports to the reception where they receive a ticket for the entry of their vehicle. The ticket should be placed in a visible place behind the windscreen. The vehicle may enter the Campsite for max. 1 hour for the purpose of unloading the luggage and (or) parking or moving the caravan, hauling it or pitching a tent.
  6. On the Campsite and Tent Campsite, there are quiet hours in force from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am.
  7. The hotel day on the premises of the Campsite and Tent Campsitebegins at 3:00 pm on the arrival day and ends at 12:00 pm on the next day.
  8. On the Campsite and Tent Campsite, it is forbidden to:
    – make campfires outside the designated areas
    – interfere in any way with the surroundings greenery (i.e. to hang swings on tree branches, to hang ropes, plant trees or shrubs, etc.).
    – litter and disturb social order
    – bring in any items which may pose a threat to other people
    – entrench tents and caravans – fence in or separate the camping grounds as well as install any devices (sunshades, antennas, cameras) without the bosun’s permission
    – ride boats and water scooters close to the shore
    – moor outside the area designated for the purpose by the bosun
  9. Animals are accepted on the Campsite and Tent Campsiteonly after having been reported to the DPT. Their owners are required to do it on their arrival day and make the payment due therefor.
  10. The pet owners are required to have their pet’svalid rabies vaccination certificate and present it when declaring the stay of their pet, otherwise, the permission for a stay of an animal on the premises shall not be granted.
  11. Under pain of an administrative penalty, the pet owner is responsible for the behaviour of their pets, they are also obliged to clean up after their pets.
  12. Large (weighing more than 10 kg) and energetic dogs are to be kept on the leash.
  13. The pet owners are liable for the damage caused by the pets.
  14. If the animals are aggressive and their owner do not react to that, the DPT reserves the right to remove the animals from the camping and tent camping site.
  15. Persons who grossly infringed the provisions of these Regulations as well as the rules of social intercourse may be removed from the Campsite and Tent Campsitewithout the right to the refund of the fee for the unused stay.
  16. The General Management of the House of the Creative Work of the Polish Academy of Sciences (DPT PAN) in Wierzba may refuse to grant the permission to use the camping and tent Campsite to the persons who violated the Regulations and principles of social intercourse, and in particular these persons who are or were behind with any payments due to the DPT. These rules apply also to the persons applying for a camping or tent camping booking for the following season as well as those declaring a short-term stay.
  17. NOTE: The campsite, tent campsiteand car parks are unguarded. The Polish Academy of Sciences does not bear any liability for possible damage to or theft of motor vehicles or other items brought in to the campsite or tent campsite. The Polish Academy of Sciences is not liable in particular for the loss or theft of valuables, documents or money and jewellery which have not been deposited.
  18. The Regulations are available at the reception and on the website.

General Manager of the DPT PANin Wierzba