Annex to the Ordinance 4/2018 issued by the General Manager dated 15.10.2018.

Regulations of the Ports WIERZBA and POPIELNO

These regulations are in force on the premises of the Port Wierzba run by the Polish Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Port) and constitute an integral part of the contract concluded by booking a berth at the jetty and signing the mooring contract.

By the aforementioned actions, the Client confirms having made themselves acquainted with the Regulations and undertakes to comply with them.

The port is a universally available berth for yachts, payable according to the price list being currently in force.

The berths (except for permanent berths) are numbered.

The place and way of mooring are determined by the on-duty bosun dressed in a recognisable outfit (T-shirt with the inscription „Bosun”) or by the bosun’s assistant.

The berths are not allocated to yachts permanently (except for permanent and charter berths for the whole season within one year).

Under particular circumstances, the Bosun may require the crew to moor their yacht to a designated berth. If contacting the crew is impossible, the Bosun may moor the yacht to another berth themselves.

Manoeuvring in port, mooring and de-mooring is done without sails on, but using the engine or paddles. Motor yachts moving around the port are obliged to maintain such a speed which does not cause waves.

All the formalities connected with staying in the harbour and the payment due should be made at the harbour administration office right after having moored the watercraft.

The proof of payment is a receipt from the cash register, attached to the boat in such a way that it can be easily seen and read from the jetty. The harbour fee includes access to the berth, toilets, sinks and garbage cans as well as drinking water.

There is a fee charged for animals staying on yachts – see the price list. If there are any animals on board, please report it to the bosun.

Fire-fighting and rescue equipment may be used by the yacht crew only for the fire-fighting and rescue purposes.

The quiet hours at the port last from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.

In the harbour basin and all throughout the harbour premises, it is forbidden to:

A. sail, cast the anchor and cause waves

B. leave loose, untied moorings outside the yachts

C. pour oils and petrol in such a way that they get into the environment (soil, water)

D. wash cars, motorcycles and other vehicles

E. pour out and throw any impurities overboard

F. wash dishes outside the designated place

G. leave rubbish (bottles, paper, cans and plastic packaging, leftovers and other mixed waste) outside the designated containers

H. bathe

I. angle

J. enter a yacht without permission of the owner

K. re-moor yachts without permission

L. pitch tents and camp outside the designated areas and without having paid the charge due

M. make campfires outside the designated areas

N. destroy the greenery and property of the PAN and other Guests of the complex

O. accessthe jetty under the influence of alcohol (0,02‰) or other intoxicants

P. behave contrary to generally accepted social principles or nautical etiquette

Q. release animals from boats without supervision and a leash to the harbour area and the complex.

13. When the yacht is at berth, it should be cleared and the halyards secured so that they do not make noise.

14. PAN does not bear any liability for a theft of or damage to the yacht caused for other port Users, the same as for personal belongings left unattended at the marina (except for damage caused by the PAN staff).

15. Persons taking advantage of the harbour shall be liable for any damage to the harbour infrastructure, resulting either from their action or omission of an action.

16. Children under the age of 12 may stay on the harbour premises only and exclusively if accompanied by adults (not applicable to participants of sailing camps moored in the harbour).

17. The regulations are available at the bosun’s and on the website: www.

General Manager of the DPT Wierzba PAN