Our facility is perfect for those wanting to let their hair down and regenerate again.

All the forests around, so rich in mushrooms and berries, the Polish Primitive Horse – is there more breathtaking place on Earth? So many hiking and biking routes to choose from. Even horse-riding lessons if you wish. On the premises of our complex, there is a marina with a kayak and rowing boat rental, a sandy beach, volleyball court, massage parlour, fitness room, sauna, billiards, table football as well as a bicycle and Nordic Walking sticks’ rental.

For children

We never forget our Little Ones! There’s a whole myriad of attractions for them:

  • safe fenced playground,
  • junior bicycles,
  • bike seats for toddlers,
  • sledges in winter,
  • professional animator.

Worth visiting

Nature trails

There are two nature trails in the nearby forest, leading you through the Polish Primitive Horse Reserve where these Polish ponies are kept in conditions as close to natural as possible. Walking along this trail, you can learn much about the biodiversity of the Pisz Forest and its characteristic plant species.

Nordic Walking

At our resort, a professional instructor will gladly help you start your Nordic Walking adventure. You’ll learn all about the advantages of this sport as well as proper marching techniques. Did you know that with the walking sticks, you can burn by 20 % more calories than without? And first of all, as much as 90 % of all your body muscles take part in the exercise. What a perfect way to relax with your close ones in Masuria! 


Sauna is a ritual. It’s a way of life, relaxation beyond measure – both for body and mind, yet first of all a great pleasure, indeed. If applied for a short period of time, the high temperature has a relaxing effect on the body whereas intensive sweating effectively cleanses the body by removing toxins. The moment of pouring water over stones is called by the Finns “the soul of the sauna” and is considered to be one of the most important moments of sauning.

Cable ferry

The ferry in Wierzba is the only active ferry on the Masurian lakes. It cruises around the Bełdany Lake. Not only is it a great attractions for tourists, but also a short-cut for those travelling to Mikołajki. The ferry runs in the summer season, every hour, from 11:00 am to 5:40 pm (5:50 pm from Mikołajki), covering the distance of approximately 360 m. Such a journey lasts 10 minutes.

The Chopin Ship

“Chopin” is the largest Polish inland sailing ship (40,90 m long) built in the style of the 19th century brig. All the elements are made of traditional, original materials, which creates a unique, truly magic atmosphere.

The Chopin Ship cruises the Southern Masuria – the Mikołajskie, Bełdany and Śniardwy Lake – in the navigation season, i.e. from mid-April to mid-November. The cruises take place both day and night.

Not only is the ship for its comfortable, aesthetic interiors admired, but also for the scenery around. Surprising, absolutely amazing, such a cruise will stay in your memory forevermore. A stay on board of the Chopin Ship can be both a romantic adventure for the nature lovers and an adrenaline thrill for team-building events. We organise cruises for companies and for unorganised groups.

Partying on board makes you discover the power of team work and master the skills of creative thinking under unusual circumstances. The company cruises are joy for the staff and a recipe for awesome team-building for the managers. Masuria is the middle name of business!

For employees